Tecnologia Navarra de Nanoproductos

Tecnologia Navarra de Nanoproductos

Tecnología Navarra de Nanoproductos S. L. (TECNAN) was created in December 2007, and offers its technology in close symbiosis to the regional business network, but with a resolute projection to the European and worldwide markets. TECNAN, supported by highly skilled scientists, has access to state-of-the-art facilities for the production of different kinds of nanoparticles in relatively large amounts (up to 5 kg/h) and characterised by their high purity. Using both wet and dry technologies, TECNAN is capable to synthesize nanoparticles in the range of the tens to the hundreds of kilograms (mainly ceramic oxides). Currently, the company is pushing towards the expansion of its accessible nanomaterials, as well as for novel applications. TECNAN has also expertise and capabilities for production of a wide range of products based on those nanoparticles. TECNAN has great expertise and know-how in development of homogeneous nanodispersions, with outstanding stability and perfectly tailored to the specific requirements defined.

TECNAN is responsible for the ceramic-nanoparticle synthesis and their functionalization with different dispersants to achieve dispersions with high quality contributing to the development of ceramic ink. Moreover, TECNAN participates in tasks of simulation and characterisation of mechanical and physical properties of ceramic inks and optimization and up-scaled of different developed ink systems.


Tecnologia Navarra de Nanoproductos,

Área Industrial Perguita,

31120 Los Arcos, Spain