Philips Lighting

Philips Lighting is one the world’s leader in Lighting, Philips is driving the switch to energy-efficient solutions. With worldwide electrical lighting using 19 per cent of all electricity, the use of energy-efficient lighting will significantly reduce energy consumption around the world and thereby cut harmful CO2 emissions. Philips provides advanced energy-efficient solutions for all segments: road lighting, office & industrial, hospitality and home - and has been instrumental in enhancing sustainability through innovations in lighting technology. Philips is also a leader in shaping the future with exciting new lighting applications and technologies such as LED technology, which, besides energy efficiency, provides attractive benefits and endless new ‘never-before-possible’ lighting solutions. Philips Lighting employs approximately 51,000 people worldwide. Philips Lighting Research is a global organization that helps Philips introduce meaningful innovations that improve people’s lives. Positioned at the front-end of the innovation process, we work on everything from spotting trends and ideation to proof of concept and – where needed – first-of-a-kind product development.

Philips is responsible for the development of design-strategies for 3D-printable luminaires including PCB  devices, evaluation of the final demonstration and contributes to define specification and requirements, as well as market and consumer research.

Philips Lighting Nederland

Boschdijk 525,

5621JG EINDHOVEN, Netherlands