cirp was founded in 1994 as Rapid Prototyping supplier by use of stereolithography. The first years, cirp concentrated on the rapid manufacturing of mainly plastic parts by use of additive manufacturing technologies like stereolithography, laser sintering and casting processes. During the last years a tool making department was established and moved into an own new building in early 2014. Now, the main business of cirp are models, prototypes and small series production for a wide range of industrial applications (automotive, white goods, power tools, etc.). Furthermore, a department for the additive manufacturing of styling intensive products (B2C market) was established. cirp combines high technology workplaces with handcraft processes in the model shop. As a spin-off of the Fraunhofer Society, cirp has a high percentage of R&D activities in comparison to competitors in order to maintain a leadership in technologies, business processes, work places and skills of the employees.

cirp is responsible for 3D printing of design-studies, final demonstrator and evaluation of final prototype in view of exploitation. The main task is to test and evaluate the results for use in additive manufacturing processes for daily industrial applications and to support these developments..

cirp GmbH

Römerstraße 8,

71296 Heimsheim,  Germany