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DIMAP Lead User Workshop with cirp and Stratasys

Two Lead User Workshop was organized in the last months. Participants gave insights in requirements for furture markets and products.

Lead User Workshop with cirp
In course of the cirp technology day on 29. june a first DIMAP Lead-User-Workshop was organized at cirp GmbH , Heimsheim, Germany with the participants STR, PVN, FES, CIR. This event  was combined with several dissemination activities. Amonst others FES delivered a DIMAP talk to automotive industry customer from the cirp technology network.

Lead User Workshop with Alphacam/Stratasys
Before the Add+it 2017 the second lead user workshop took place in Steyr. Lead User gave their insights and feedback to the following topics:

  • new applications enabled by new materials
  • the reliability of parts
  • simulation and voxel-matrix design of material properties
  • development of polyjet technology for functional products in one single print job
  • requirements for inline quality control

The feedback will be considered in the further developments.