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Add+it 2017 - Symposium on 3D-Printing Polymers

In September 2017, the 3rd edition of the Add+it 2017 (Symposium on ADDitive Manufacturing and Innovative Technologies), focused on Polymers, will take place, in Steyr, AT ( September 28 – 29, 2017, Museum Arbeitswelt).

The Programm is online now.

Around 130 internationally recognized experts from industry and academics will present and discuss the current state of research, highlights of their technology and trends in the market.

Early Bird: Get a discount of 70 EURos until 15th of August and register now.


DIMAP Partners will held serveral talks: 

  • G. Dämmer (FES) -  Additively Manufactured Pneumatic Actuators for Lightweight Robots
  • F. De la Vega  (PVN) -  Additive Digital Manufacturing in the Mass Production of Electronic Devices – A reality Now!
  • D. Graf (KIT) - UV curable polymer-ceramic inks for 3D inkjet printing
  • O. Sheikhnedjad (JKU) - Molecular dynamic simulation of nanocomposites