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Owner, publisher and producer:

Im Stadtgut A2
A-4407 Steyr-Gleink

Phone:  +43 (0)7252 885-0
Fax:      +43 (0)7252 885-101


Company Registry Number: FN 129658z
Company Registry: Landesgericht Steyr
VAT registration number: ATU 38 42 05 07 



1. Scope
These terms of use apply to use of the content and services offered on the website The user may use all content and services on the website  in accordance with these terms of use.

2. Provision of General Data and Information
The user has no legal claim to the provision of specific services. PROFACTOR GmbH reserve the right to at any time limit, change or cancel any or all content and services provided. There shall not be any express notification of changes to the terms of use. The user must check these conditions him/herself for changes.

3. Liability
PROFACTOR makes an effort to ensure that the information and data contained in this website are correct. However, any liability or guarantee for the content that is provided being up-to-date, correct, and complete or available is excluded. PROFACTOR assumes no liability for the case that the offered content does not meet the expectations of the users or for it not being possible to pursue a desired objective. This applies equally to other websites that are referred to via hyperlink.  PROFACTOR is not responsible for the content of linked websites. Page requests of third party providers via hyperlinks are at the risk of the user.
Users of third party websites that have links to the website exclusively enter in to a contractual relationship with the respective service provider for use of the services and content of the linked websites for which solely the respective contractual conditions of the service provider apply.
PROFACTOR assumes no liability for always making the content of the website available to users. The PROFACTOR Group assumes no liability for damages, whatever the reason they are incurred, especially not due to the utilisation, interruption, or non-availability of content and/or services, or for the loss of data. PROFACTOR is only liable if its governing bodies or senior employees or other adjuncts cause damage that can be proven to be due to gross negligence or that is deliberate. The liability of PROFACTOR from legal regulations remains unaffected by this liability limitation.

4. Other Terms of Use
If on individual sub-pages or other parts of this website there is a reference to special terms of use,then they apply in addition to the terms of use presented here.
All references to persons (employees, customers, etc.) are to be understood to be gender-neutral,

even if they are not given in a gender-neutral form.

5. Copyright
The content of the website of DIMAP is copyright protected. It only serves for personal, non-commercial use by users under strict observance of copyrights. The (even excerpts) duplication of information or data, especially the use of text, text elements or artwork, requires prior consent from PROFACTOR.
Any use for commercial purposes is not permitted without the written consent of PROFACTOR and may result in legal consequences.

6. Data Protection
6.1 Personal Data
Without approval, PROFACTOR does not collect any personal data of users of the PROFACTOR website. Solely the users decide whether they want to relinquish this data, for example during the framework of a registration, a survey or the like. PROFACTOR will only use personal data for replying to inquiries, processing orders or creating access to specific information or offers. Furthermore, in order to maintain customer relationships, it may be necessary for PROFACTOR to save and process personal data of users in order to be better able to deal with requests or to improve products and services. In addition, it may be necessary for PROFACTOR (or a third party by order of PROFACTOR) to use this data to inform users of PROFACTOR offers that are of benefit to their business, or to conduct online surveys through which PROFACTOR can better meet the needs of its users. Unneeded data will be deleted without delay. Naturally, PROFACTOR respects users who do not want to leave their personal data to support the customer relationship. Under no circumstances will PROFACTOR sell personal data of users to third parties and will not market it in any other way.

6.2. Non-Personal Data
During access by users to the PROFACTOR website, occasionally information will be collected automatically that cannot be assigned to a specific person (e.g.: browser, operating system, domain name of the website from where the access took place, number of visits, average dwell time, pages called). PROFACTOR uses this information to determine any faults or misuse of the offer and to determine the attractiveness of the website and to improve its content. Under no circumstances will the data be analysed to create usage profiles and the like.

6.3. “Cookies” – Information that is automatically stored on the computers of users
During the use of the PROFACTOR website, information in the form of a “cookie” may be stored on the user’s computer, which will be recognised automatically during the next visit. Cookies allow PROFACTOR, for example, to adapt a website in the interest of the user or to save user IDs so that they do not have to be re-entered each time. Users who are not in agreement with PROFACTOR recognising their computers can setup their Internet browsers in such a way that it deletes cookies from the computer’s hard drive, blocks all cookies, or issues a warning before a cookie is saved. All content of the website, however, can also be displayed without cookies.

6.4. Security
PROFACTOR takes precautions to guarantee the security of the personal data of its users. Such data is protected against loss, destruction, falsification, manipulation and unauthorised access or unauthorised disclosure.

6.5. Questions and Comments
Questions and comments on PROFACTOR’s data protection can be directed to sekretariat(at) Further development of the Internet also has an effect on the data protection strategy of the PROFACTOR Group. Changes will be announced on this page in good time.

More information are available at: Data Security

7. Applicable Law
All information or data, its use and the login to PROFACTOR websites as well as all action, tolerance of action, or omission connected with the PROFACTOR websites, and all disputes from legal relationships with the users are subject to Austrian law excluding the principles on conflicts of international law. The language of a case is German. The Styrian Commercial Court is considered to be responsible for disputes in connection with the use of the website
Should a clause of the terms of use given here become ineffective, then the remaining provisions remain in effect.